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Mind the Ps and Cues

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Mind The Product conference. To my knowledge it was the first ever London conference created for Product Managers by Product Managers. My day started with a long cue of product … Continue reading

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Warning!! Your Product May Be Less Attractive Than You Think It Is!

I recently discovered an interested fact. Studies show that we perceive ourselves to be 20% more attractive than we actually are. This was one of a handful of fascinating studies described by Robert Trivers during an RSA talk about his … Continue reading

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Does released equal done?

Thankfully, more and more people are defining when a new piece of functionality is “done” as when it gets released to a user. This is huge progress from previous definitions such as dev complete, test complete or business signed off. … Continue reading

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Mashup Your Tests.

Mashups are ubiquitous these days. Over the last ten years music mashups have gone from underground clubs to prime-time TV, the rise of web 2.0 saw software mashups bring together disparate data and functionality in meaningful ways, bookshops are now full of literary mashups with crazy titles … Continue reading

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All our testing should be Exploratory

Exploratory testing, that’s a manual activity, right? Wrong. Exploratory testing is an approach to testing that allows you the freedom to learn about an application, improve your skills and enhance your tests in an intelligent way based on feedback from … Continue reading

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